Unlimited Horizons presents….

The Unofficial                           

UFO/ET Disclosures
with Randy Koppang            

Sunday, July 11, 2010
2:30 to 5:30
Gulf Breeze Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL
$7.00 donation requested



Randy Koppang experienced firsthand independent observation of an organized campaign to lobby the U.S. Congress on the UFO issue in 2000-2001. 

This was Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project whose intent was to lobby for congressional inquiry into an official ET disclosure.  Since then Randy has presented an evolving critique of the disclosure/cover-up issues. 

This presentation will detail the persuasive discoveries Randy has made and just how the unfolding history of ufology has resulted in a revisionist perspective on ufology.  A perspective that is quite different than what the standard cover-up viewpoint suggests.  As historian Richard Dolan observed in his commendation for Randy’s book, “Koppang… takes on issues most UFO researchers avoid.”

In presenting these indications, Randy will describe how civilian UFO research is actually a public consciousness raising means for systematically transforming the worldviews of all Earthlings – not simply Americans.  By deconstructing the perceived UFO “cover-up” he will show how it is actually disguising the deliberate increments of an unofficial ET disclosure.  He will show how this has been consistently documented in UFO literature since its inception and that these periodic increments of disclosure slowly persuade a public assimilation of the ET reality.

This presentation will demonstrate how chronologically documented sources from the history of literature on the UFO subject have indicated an unofficial ET disclosure all along!  Randy’s lecture also shows how this information is continually used to educate society through the popular media.



About Randy Koppang

Randy Koppang is the author of:

Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure:
Deconstructing a Cover-Up of the Extraterrestrial Presence


Randy Koppang has closely studied the UFO and related phenomena since 1985.  As a researcher, Randy was a ufological consultant to the funded legal and political legislative advisors for Dr. Steven Greer’s 2001 Disclosure Project in Washington, D.C.  His firsthand experience with the Disclosure Project press conference and political lobbying effort prepared Randy for critiquing the basic assumptions crucial to the ET Disclosure proposition.  This analysis led to his writing his book, in collaboration with Melinda Leslie, Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure; Deconstructing a Cover-up of the Extraterrestrial Presence.

Randy has spoken twice at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada.  And he has appeared on numerous radio programs, cable access TV shows, and other lecture venues throughout the U.S. 

As an author, Randy has written many magazine articles on both ufological and other topics for publications such as; Atlantis Rising, Perceptions Magazine, and Paranoia Magazine.

Randy Koppang will be signing books at this Unlimited Horizons event.

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