Unlimited Horizons presents….

UFOs, Aliens, Abductions
& the Death of an Alien

with George Filer of Filer’s Files (UFO Files)
Eastern Regional Director, MUFON

Sunday, January 10, 2010
2:30 to 5:30
Gulf Breeze Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Ct.
Gulf Breeze, FL
$7.00 Donation Requested

Major George A. Filer spent twenty years in the Air Force working as an intelligence officer and flier, accumulating almost five thousand hours of flying time prior to retirement.  He graduated from Squadron Officers School and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.  Filer was awarded the Bronze Star for meritorious service in Vietnam.  During his career Filer chased UFOs and became an expert with special intelligence and above top secret clearances.

George Filer will be speaking on his intercept of UFOs over the United Kingdom and about being invited to a “Dining in” with Prince Phillip concerning the Prince’s interest in UFOs.  Filer also briefed General George Brown on UFOs over Vietnam.  Later in Major Filer’s career he was 21st Air Force Intelligence Duty Officer at McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey.

The Unlimited Horizons program will cover the death of an alien at Fort Dix/McGuire Air Force Base on January 18, 1978.  Sgt. Jeff Morse and his police partner, Sgt. Mark Larimer of the 418th Air Force Security Police were patrolling the base when they saw formations of odd looking bluish-green lights performing amazing maneuvers.  Morse counted twelve distinct UFOs in a formation over the base.  The sightings continued for a long period and Morse's friend, Sgt. Bill Cleninger, the desk sergeant that night, confirmed control tower and radar was tracking the UFOs.

Sgt. Cleninger instructed them to proceed to Gate #5 and they heard Cleninger communicating with the Fort Dix Army dispatcher whose Army Military Police were in hot pursuit and shooting at "violators."  Cleninger told Morse that an Army MP had a close encounter with a UFO and one of its occupants.  The MP said, “The object was hovering very close to my vehicle, and that out of nowhere, a being had suddenly appeared directly in front of my vehicle.  It was four feet tall, grayish brown in color, with a huge head, long arms, and a slender body.”

Badly frightened, the MP had panicked and fired five rounds from his .45 caliber pistol into the creature, and one round upwards into the object hovering above him.  The object responded by accelerating straight up into the night sky abandoning the wounded creature.  High overhead the object had rejoined the other eleven blue-green UFOs hovering in position.  The frantic MP said, “The wounded being had fled toward the McGuire fence line, but they had lost track of it there.”  Following orders, Morse was told to search for "Whoever or whatever the MP shot, and it is heading toward the McGuire fence and may have entered the base, he was told.”

Where the runway made a sharp right turn the two vehicles abruptly braked to a stop, as their headlights revealed a motionless figure lying prone on the cold concrete in the middle of the inactive runway.  Morse informed the desk sergeant they located a body,  "It's about 4 feet in length, grayish brown in color, with a fat head and long arms."

Within 30 minutes of their finding the body, Morse saw a recovery team of about a dozen armed with M-16 rifles and grenade launchers arrive in a step van and take charge of the investigation.  Morse watched as senior officers and emergency personnel arrived on the scene and the recovery team went through a well-rehearsed procedure.  All were senior enlisted men, wearing the chevrons of rank but no patches or insignia that would identify their unit.  The body did not appear to be human.  Morse was 50 feet away from a smelly, slimy, almost snakelike in texture, creature.  As he stood guard on the perimeter, he saw the base commander, the security police squadron commander, and the OSI commander at the scene.  They apparently knew all about the "recovery team," because they watched without interfering as the team performed their functions.

By morning, base clinic personnel sprayed the body and the "recovery team" crated it, and forklifted the crate onto an Air Force C-141 cargo plane that had arrived from Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio.  After the plane took off, the other personnel dispersed.  The air police on the scene were debriefed, sworn to secrecy, and shortly afterwards shipped to various bases around the world.  Morse was transferred to Guam.  Before departure, however, he was subjected to intimidating interrogation at Wright-Patterson AFB by a quartet of men in civilian clothes.  While stationed on Guam, shortly before his enlistment was up, Morse heard Len Stringfield talking on Armed Forces Radio about his studies and contacted him.  

The program will cover Major Filer’s part in this particular case and later investigation.  

The discussion will also highlight an interesting abduction case and some of the typical and most recent sightings in the Eastern United States.  Filer will also provide some excellent images of UFOs on Earth, from our moon and Mars.

About George Filer:
George Filer’s education includes a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University 1976 and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business from Bradley University.  Formerly Filer was Executive Vice President and general manager for Medcor Inc., a medical firm in Princeton, and he is currently the President of the Filer Research Institute.  

Filer frequently appears on television programs in Canada, Japan, Russia and the United States in programs such as Comcast and CNN Newsmakers
.  Filer developed his own television show broadcast from Channel 53, WWAC in Atlantic City, for 44 weeks during 1994-95.  The show was called “Investigations UFO”.  He is currently on the Jeff Rense Radio Show during the first Tuesday of each month.

George Filer is the Eastern Regional Director and New Jersey State Director of MUFON and author of Filer’s Files, a weekly intelligence digest of UFO sightings from around the world and space.  His Filer’s Files are sent to 8,000 people weekly.

For more info, view Filer’s Files: 



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