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Red Planet Mysteries

What NASA Has Never Told You




Sunday, September 9, 2012
2:30 to 5:30
Gulf Breeze Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL

$10 at the door



Has NASA deliberately concealed information relation to evidence of ancient activity on Mars? This lecture includes fascinating images of the Martian surface that make a compelling case for this conclusion.





Jim will explain a now well-accepted hypothesis about the relationship between Mars and its adjacent asteroid belt, and how this helps our current understanding of what we see on Mars.





Jim will also bring to light other interesting information supporting theories regarding a possible ancient link between Earth and Mars





Jim Rodger
TV Producer / Show Host / Documentarian


As producer and show host of over a hundred live TV episodes of  “The Cutting Edge – Revealing the Truth”, Jim Rodger has forged a relationship with some of the top scientists and researchers in the world on the study of Mars.



Jim’s show provided a rare forum for discussion about UFOs, frontier science, ancient mysteries, health issues and related fields, in order to raise awareness about who we are in the cosmic scheme of things. He also co-directed the audio/visual department at the International UFO Congress, the largest regularly scheduled UFO conference in the world.


His interest in communications started early in childhood, when he began building and experimenting with communications, radio, and electronics equipment. His love for these fields developed into a long career as an electronics/microwave troubleshooter. Jim is also an advanced class licensed HAM Radio operator (W1NAL), private pilot, and a paranormal/UFO researcher and investigator who has seen and interacted with UFOs since youth.


Rodger credits his electrifying experiences and missing time episodes with fostering a deeper understanding and love for all living things everywhere. He has interacted with celestial objects and plasma-like displays, both daytime and at night. In his search for a greater understanding of these phenomena, Jim has practiced deep levels of meditation, and is certified in remote viewing, which he has been teaching since 1997.



An extensive collection of interesting lectures and documentaries are available on his website at:







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