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"Messages From The Other Side"


Sharon Renae

Sunday, May 19, 2013
2:30 to 5:30
Gulf Breeze Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL

$7 at the door


Sharon Renae will be sharing heartfelt stories and experiences of her life as a medium.  Although many believe her work is to help the living find peace with the passing of a loved one, her primary work is helping lost souls move forward to take their place in heaven. 


Sharon will share her lifeís interaction experiences with spiritual beings, lost and wayward souls, and the supernatural, including stories of releasing souls from the grey space of purgatory and haunted locations, to recovering the bodies of murder victims.


These previously unshared stories explain the strength and the endurance of the human soul as well as the unconditional grace and acceptance of Godís love. 


For the first time we get the back story of why Sharon does what she does.





As a minister and founder The Light Spiritual Education Ministries she offers a non-religious approach to spirituality and self development, as a teacher she encourages others to listen to their soul and be willing to push the boundaries in order to live a fruitful life encouraging clients to participate, take action and responsibility in living to their fullest potential.


As an artist she has fun expressing the lighter, whimsical side of life.  It is through this medium she finds her balance and recharges her life.


Most know Sharon as an intuitive medium, where she spiritual messages of hope, love, joy and the continuation of the soul - through her work.  She serves as a conduit connecting the living with those who have passed over, validating that all life is eternal.  She helps individuals who struggle to find peace and purpose within themselves, serving as a guide to provide them with clarity and direction in their lifeís journey. 


For the last 15 years Sharon has conducted Friday night gatherings that hold an average attendance of 100 participants and  has done over 16,000 readings over the last eleven years.   


She has been featured on several television shows, evening news, radio, and publications, to include: Haunted Lighthouses Across America for the Discovery Channel and has participated in four television pilots. 


Sharon teaches classes that enhance creativity, personal and spiritual growth as well as psychic development.  For those who feel they have similar abilities Sharon offers affordable in depth classes and apprenticeship programs.


Go here to read a recent write up about Sharon in the Pensacola News Journal:


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