Zuni & The "Star People"

with Zuni Elder & Medicine Man Clifford Mahooty


Sunday June 12, 2011


During this lecture Elder Mahooty will discuss the origins of the Zuni American Indian Tribes and their relationship with the "Star People" from the beginning.

Clifford will share his knowledge & ancient wisdom on the role that Star People have played on the origins of human kind, and the plant & animal life on this earth.

Mahooty will also share many of the fascinating Zuni culture customs & ceremonies with us and dispel many of the commonly held misconceptions.

Clifford has had personal experience connecting with Star People and comes from a culture where the UFO phenomenon is an understood and accepted part of reality.

This will be a two hour lecture followed by a 30 minute Q &A session allowing for questions you may have to be answered on these topics.


About Clifford Mahooty

Born  March 18th, 1944 - 100%  Zuni Pueblo, Native American IndianAttended local Zuni Reservation school system through high school,  graduated June 6th 1962.Entered Mew Mexico State University, collage of engineering on September 1962 graduated July16, 1969, with  BS in civil engineering.Following graduation I accepted an engineering position with Shell oil Company.I later went to work with the Zuni Indian reservation as their tribal engineer, designing infrastructure  and waste water systems.Later I moved on to a position in program development for all the New Mexico Indian tribes, I also worked with South Western,  HUD funded housing projects throughout the Arizona New Mexico area. I was also commissioned as a public health officer with USPHS (United States Public Health Service),  working with both potable and waste water systems,  at  other Indian tribes located throughout Oklahoma and Arizona. I later accepted and worked a full 25 year career in a federal government position with the BIA, (Bureau of Indian Affairs), in an effort to help other North American Indian nations as the environmental justice coordinator overseeing  581 Indian tribes.Following my career with the BIA,  I retired and returned home to the Zuni Pueblo in NW New Mexico where I now currently reside.
Throughout my professional life time and working career I have always maintained a close relationship to my spiritual tribal roots as a member of various orders with in tribe. As a side line I always enjoyed designing, creating and marketing Zuni, Indian jewelry



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