Unlimited Horizons presents...



Psychic/Medium George Lugo



Sunday, January 12, 2014
2:30 to 5:30
Gulf Breeze Community Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL

$7 at the door

Psychic-Medium George Lugo is considered to be one of the most compassionate, accurate and legitimate mediums of our times. He has read for Kings to the homeless, Scotland Yard, movie stars, C.E.O.’s of major corporations, monks from Japan and India, bishops from the Vatican, medicine men of Native American tribes and people from all walks of life. Now’s your chance to see and experience the life of this internationally well known Psychic & Medium.

In the first part of his presentation George will share some of his personal experiences as a medium, show us pictures from some of his telephone readings by describing to the client the soul he sees in the room with them and then asking his client to take a picture in the room they are presently in. The souls will sometimes reveal themselves in the photo to the client as George saw them.
George will also guide us on how to use our own personal digital cell phones cameras digital recorders to communicate with our loved ones who have crossed over to the over side by having an interactive session with the audience.
This will probably the only presentation you’ll ever attend asking you to keep your cell phones on. Make sure your digital devices are fully charged before coming to his presentation. The reason for this is, souls tend to drain the batteries from the phones and cameras. They use the energy to manifest themselves and communicate with us.

After the break George will give the Unlimited Horizons audience a gallery style reading, where randomly chosen members of the audience will receive messages and/or interact with Spirits from the other side.



About George

George Lugo grew up in central California near Yosemite National park. From birth through high school George’s life was very much like the movie “The Sixth Sense”. It wasn’t until his senior year that he met Ann Blackwell, a book shop owner and a gifted medium herself. Ann gave George the vocabulary to explain what was happening to him.



George has always been able to see and feel spirits around him and some of these souls could see and commutate with George to deliver a message to someone near. After Ann Blackwell, two family members who George never met came forward. His Aunt Ana who was a deep trance medium. Aunt Ana’s daughter Gigi a professor of quantum physics and also a medium. George’s Aunt and cousin showed George what his gifts and abilities were and taught him how to manage them.





George toured the world many times as a professional musician. In his travels he was invited to a monastery to study with monks in Japan, pray with holy men of India, and participate with medicine men of Native American tribes and many others sharing their abilities and spiritual views. He would like to share his knowledge, experience and natural abilities with you.








"I lead a somewhat public life – a lot of details of which are available online, through websites and interviews.

So it’s rare to find a legitimate psychic and a great pleasure to have George Lugo give readings so rich in personal detail, details impossible to find through any kind of research.

I have repeatedly been surprised by his accuracy and insight. I’m a person who lived most of my life as a rigid skeptic to the spirit world, until I had too many “coincidences” and personal interactions with those entities that sought me out.

I am now more open and accepting to the idea of another dimension of existence and embrace those mysteries. As a person, George is also a very gracious and supportive personality, able to convey difficult truths (or true-isms) in an open manner one can accept. I believe George is the real deal, and I believe that he uses his gifts to serve the greater good. Peace and Love to all."

Beverly Leech, Los Angeles, California








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