Unlimited Horizons presents….
The Upside & Downside of Alien Contact
Do they need us?  Do we need them?   Who decides?

with Robyn Quail Andrews

Sunday, September 13, 2009
2:30 to 5:30
Gulf Breeze Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Ct.
Gulf Breeze, FL
$7.00 Door Donation

Robyn Quail Andrews will discuss in detail the events surrounding what happened in a suburban Atlanta facility, CONTEL, where 150+ people had several hours of missing time.  Physical evidence was present including five large burned circles in the grass outside the facility.  Power was lost, phones were shut off, people were frozen in their cars and many had alien abduction experiences.  Robyn had two abduction clients who were executives in this company.  There was an attempt at suppression of the information afterward and even threats.  A high government official may figure in this puzzle.

Robyn had a very unusual encounter involving a UFO hovering low over her house during a regression session and the subject, Robyn and another witness went outside to see it.  The three eye-witnesses came away with some interesting conclusions.  Robyn has experienced another close encounter in Birmingham, Alabama in which there were many witnesses and there was a dramatic follow-up that same night.

During her presentation, Robyn will discuss the “Vanishing Twin Syndrome,” which she profiled, and her UFO prodigy research and, finally, she will speak of a very "high strangeness" case near NASA headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama.

The case involves a mantis-type creature in a hotel which was witnessed by a most credible person and a bizarre story of hearing and seeing some very strange experiences there.  This event was also witnessed by another person who, later, heard Robyn comment on it in a lecture.  The other eye-witness then came forward and filled in many missing pieces.

About the Robyn Quail Andrews
Robyn Andrews (formerly Robyn Quail) has over 35 years of study, research and experience in speaking, writing and teaching in the fields of healing arts, spiritual teachings, UFO contact, alien abduction phenomenon and reincarnation research.  She is a certified hypnotherapist, an ordained minister, a regression therapist and a practitioner in several new thought traditions.  She has had a 35-year practice in hypnotherapy, and UFO regression therapy.

Robyn is a well-known consultant in all areas of the paranormal field.  She is considered a pioneer in UFO and regression work.  She defined the UFO prodigy and the “Vanishing Twin Syndrome.”  She has spoken for many years at major UFO conferences nationally and internationally.

Robyn has worked with hundreds of UFO contact cases and assisted many UFO support groups.  She has conducted thousands of regression sessions to explore altered states of consciousness and she facilitates memory retrieval.  Robyn has appeared in T.V. documentaries in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Finland, France and Russia.  She was invited to Russia with Dr. Raymond Moody and Dannion Brinkley to appear in three network TV specials.