Unlimited Horizons presents….

Our Future Frequencies
and The Law of Attraction

with Dr. Tali Cluxton

Sunday, November 8, 2009
2:30 to 5:30
Gulf Breeze Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Dr
Gulf Breeze, FL

Would you like to spend an afternoon discussing the secrets of the universe and techniques to manifest what you want for your future?  Would you like to learn more about the energy that you are emitting both consciously and subconsciously?  Please join us on November 8 for a stimulating discussion on the evolving energy of the planet and how it is changing our world and our perceptions. 

We will be exploring the energy shifts of the planet at this current time and how to make the most of those shifts.  Another avenue we’ll be traveling will be the use of ninth dimensional energies and techniques to utilize those energies in manifesting our desires.  These techniques will help propel us forward as the energies of our planet continue to shift up into our future

We will also be discussing the power and possibilities of human consciousness.  Learn how our thoughts are evolving to keep us up with the energy of the planet and how we can use simple techniques to create our most optimum futures.  This talk will be part lecture and part experiential.  Be sure to bring a pen and some paper to maximize your experience.  

About our Speaker

Our lecture will be presented by Dr. Tali Cluxton. 

Tali is a practicing chiropractor specializing in biomechanical correction and nutritional evaluations at Green Wave Family Wellness Center in Panama City, FL.  The center integrates mind, body and spirit with its multi-disciplinary staff of counselors, massage therapists, chiropractic and nutrition.  Tali has been studying metaphysics for many years and currently teaches classes at both the Capstone House and the Vision Quest Gallery in Panama City.


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