Unlimited Horizons presents….

Messages from Beyond the Earth Plane
Choir of Angels
with Jilly T, a Channel/Medium
and Cyndie LePori, a Channel/Medium

Sunday, April 19, 2009
2:30 to 5:30
Gulf Breeze Recreational Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL


Spirit has called Jilly and Cyndie together to do a joint channeling, stating that they are twin flames, that they were born to do this for the betterment of mankind and the Earth Plane and that it is bought and paid for by the blood of Christ. 

That having been said, know that I (Alan Abel) requested program information for our April program.  Jilly and Cyndie got together, asked Spirit, and the above and the following is what came through:

Note to Unlimited Horizons:

You are blessed to have the hierarchy of the angel host to speak through these ladies.  They are both very gifted and both very given to Christ, God and The Holy Spirit.  Do you think your flock will stick around for the wonders and information.  We say, absolutely they will!!!

These two ladies are of God's joy, and are gifted women of The Holy Spirit and beyond.  Their work in the interest of mankind is given in increments, there is to be a sequel, they will be requested to come back and back and back and back ad infinitum.  Their work is timeless not ever but ever not.  Their work is timely and Godly and needed by the Christ not, but by the Earth Plane.  Their work is of God, of Christ and of The Holy Spirit and is called upon by, from and to, the hierarchy of angelic host to prepare a sequel not, but a fore runner for the web site and this we now deliver.

People, people, people: The gifts you are about to receive on April 19th 2009 is important work of, to, for and by the Earth Plane.  These two ladies (great ladies we may say), have been called together by God and by the angelic host to deliver a timeless not, but a timely message for mankind; a message that may create havoc in many a brain and bring relief to others.  Their message is of God, Earthquakes, Aliens and all of the above, for as many know, the Aliens are among us and will remain so during 2012 and beyond.  Their messages may bring tears to the many, fear to the few and joy to some unsuspecting hearts.  We here now rest except to say; come one, come all for the messages are to be universal and of universal import:

* The Alien Presence
* Religion
* 2012
* Possibly some personal asides for the Unlimited Horizon family

Until Sunday the 19th of April 2009, we say adieu.

About our Speakers:

Jilly T, a Channel/Medium


Jilly T remembers hearing the voice of Spirit as a child but blocked it out.  She was always interested in the church, spiritual matters, psychics and channels, and she read many metaphysical books.  While living in Hawaii during the late 1980s, she was introduced to Transcendental Meditation.  This opened her up to hearing the voice of Spirit again and she began having experiences with automatic writing and then channeling.  Jilly T is a “Direct Channel” which means that Spirit speaks directly through her.  She chooses to call on God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.  On occasion other entities will bring their messages through this medium. Cyndie Lepori graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BS Degree in 1988.  Her Major was Nursing with a minor in Psychology.   She grew up playing with crystals in Arkansas before moving to Atlanta.  As a Level 13 Ascension Reiki Master Teacher since 1994, she has taught over 300 students around the world.   She has sponsored Reiki Groups for seven years.  Cyndie returned to USM and Milsaps College as a guest lecturer on Alternative Therapies several times.  Her background in Nursing has assisted her in becoming a medical intuitive working on Quantum Levels.   Cyndie graduated the Lifesprings program in 1998.  This training included the Leadership and Masters program.   She is Certified by Linda Shay as a Dolphin Energy Practitioner and Dolphin Heart World Ambassador.   She is world traveled, spreading the light in Mexico, Spain, California, Hawaii, Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Holland.

Through ABAS (Advanced Beings At Service), she is a certified Channeler, and has the Mantle of Authority to remove and heal Karmic Records and Patterns, assist Negative Energies and Entities to be healed.   She is also a transition specialist in service to people or animals who have gone to the other side of the veil.  She assists them into a holding area for further education and healing by the angels until they are ready for the light.  She works directly with the Angels and Masters in service to the Earth and to Humanity.  She has been doing energy and intuitive work for 30 years with passion and integrity.  She balances spirituality with common sense.