Unlimited Horizons presents….

The Future is Yours….
Do Something About it!

with Raymon Grace

Sunday, May 18, 2008

2:30 to 5:30

Gulf Breeze Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL
$7 Door Donation Requested



Raymon Grace is known by some as the Mountain Man from Virginia.  He is also known as a dowser, author, producer of DVDs, international speaker, energy worker, medical intuitive and founder of Raymon Grace Foundation which carries on his work.

Raymon has been involved in healing and mind development since 1973.  His work is teaching people how to clean up water, improve conditions in homes, schools and otherwise help themselves to have a better life.  His work is being used in several countries. 

Raymon Grace has written three books and made six DVDs and three CDs for self help.  Many have reported that his Energize Water DVD has been used to improve health, remove bad taste from the water in the well, prolong the life of cut flowers and other beneficial results.

His Energize Your Life DVD has been used to create better conditions in homes, schools and offices.

In one of his books, The Future is Yours, Do Something About It, Raymon demonstrates how to use dowsing to change the energetic flow of people, places, and situations, and how these simple changes can avert conflict, heal illness, and help people work together.  Imagine the possibilities: settle differences at home and at work, find the best way to heal yourself and your family, remove negative energy (even ghosts) from buildings and much more!

Raymon speaks in a down to earth manner and the purpose of his talk is to make people aware of their potential.  He will tell stories of various accomplishments such as lowering crime rate in a town, changing the energy of water, and stories of others who have achieved success using his methods.  Just a few weeks ago, he was well received by a crowd exceeding 700 in Tennessee.

In addition to the DVDs mentioned above, he also has produced these DVDs:
Healthy Mind & Body; Prosperity & Freedom; Explaining the Dowsing Chart by Raymon Grace; and Programming Your Brain:

Raymon’s books and DVDs will be available for sale and he will be glad to sign books.

His websites are:




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