Unlimited Horizons presents…
20 Years Later….
The Gulf Breeze UFO Sightings: The Real Story
with Art Hufford,
former President, Pensacola-Gulf Breeze MUFON
Sunday afternoon, January 13, 2008
2:30 to 5:30,
South Santa Rosa Recreation Center, 800 Shoreline Dr., Gulf Breeze

Art Hufford will present a full review of the Gulf Breeze UFO Story, documenting 11 years of contact with Unidentified Flying Objects. 




His multimedia presentation will feature over 100 slides and video clips.  His presentation will begin with the Ed Walters Story (1987-88), covering Ed’s photographs, the controversy surrounding them, and the many other witnesses to those sightings.  He will then review the Skywatch Era (1990-92), when hundreds of photographs and hours of video were taken…documenting that very active period of nighttime UFO sightings.  Finally, he will cover some other Gulf Breeze UFO events, including a number of daylight photos and videos from 1987-1998.

Art Hufford is an honors graduate of Georgia Tech in Chemical Engineering and has a MBA from the University of West Florida.  He retired in 1997 from the Monsanto Company following a 33-year career in management.  He joined the Mutual UFO Network in 1988 and became a MUFON Field Investigator.  He was later appointed MUFON State Section Director for Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.  For 11 years, he served as President of Pensacola/Gulf Breeze MUFON, the predecessor organization to Unlimited Horizons.  Art and his wife, Mary, have two children and four grandchildren.  In addition to their UFO interests, they remain very active in their church and in the Pensacola community. 
Art’s UFO interests began unexpectedly in November, 1987, when he and his wife had a daylight sighting of a craft…a craft that looked just like the UFO photographed by Ed Walters on 11/11/87.  Thus his initial involvement in the Ed Walters case was as that of a witness.  Later, he was involved in the re-investigation of the Ed Walters case and published a summary of that investigation in the January 1993 MUFON UFO Journal.  In 1991, he began skywatching with a group that became known as the Gulf Breeze Research Team; over a 20-month period, they documented 177 UFO sightings in the Gulf Breeze area.  As an expert on the Gulf Breeze UFO Story, he has been interviewed for scores of newspaper and magazine articles and has appeared on radio and television programs, such as Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, and Encounters, plus TV shows in Japan, England, Germany, and Mexico. 


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