Modern Challenges and Opportunities:

UFO's, Religion and Exopolitics

 Sunday, November 11, 2007
2:30 to 5:30

South Santa Rosa Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL
A donation of $7.00 will be requested at the door.

Is the only connection between ETs and terrorism the fact that fear and falsehoods have been employed to both energize and to paralyze and otherwise control public response?  A case can be made that there are powerful economic issues, and hence political issues, that are the actual drivers in both situations.  President Eisenhower spoke of this clearly, and Carol Rosin’s reported discussions with Werner von Braun about ETs being on America’s “enemy list” are important notices to consider.

“Religions and Exopolitics” is a challenging area to consider.  However complex and sensitive, it cannot be safely ignored because of the current administration’s success in exploiting the Religious Right.  It is a simplistic truism that it was easier to get into the war with Iraq than it will be to get out.  More importantly, what will the Middle East and the World look like when we “get out,” and what does this have to do with Exopolitics?  It could be that the expected and certainly needed transformation of Islam and Christianity will be accompanied by spiritual understandings that too few people are currently considering.

The 1993, Rockefeller/Clinton White House Disclosure project was designed to be the lead effort to influence President Clinton to review the current policy of secrecy about government held ET information, and hopefully to decide that this policy should be changed to one of more openness.  After our first meeting with the President’s Science Advisor, it became apparent that the Clinton administration had never been briefed on this subject, and never would be.  The obvious issues that this raises include, who is in charge of the Group that makes such decisions, and what are the Constitutional implications.

From 1993 through 1996, Laurance Rockefeller also funded other efforts designed to raise the public knowledge base about Exopolitics and result in government honesty on this issue.  As we know, all of these efforts failed to achieve what they were hopefully designed to do.  Good intentions were not adequately supported by good strategies.  What strategy might work?   There is one quietly underway that may work.  The odds of its success depend upon equal parts of skill, luck and grace.  This is work in progress, and good ideas and support are needed.

Six years working for Senator Claiborne Pell was an exceptional opportunity that was based upon discovery and use of nonlocal awareness while on an intelligence assignment in India.  Scott Jones’ thirty-year naval career may have been an over long apprenticeship to the global peacework that he is now doing, but he draws much from that early experience.  There are obviously karmic issues involved about which some Sea Stories can be told. 



About C.B. Scott Jones
Past President of the American Society for Psychical Research

Founder and president of the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth (P.E.A.C.E.) Inc, a private non-profit 501(c)(3).  Principal work is the Sustainable Peace and Development (SPD) program.  This is a global college/university-based, student-run program.  Details at

Thirty-year navy career.  First half as carrier jet fighter pilot, and last half in naval intelligence.  Nine years teaching at college and university level in Political Science.  Six years as Special Assistant to Senator Claiborne Pell, followed by two years working special projects for Laurance Rockefeller.

BA, George Washington University; MA, University of Maryland; Ph.D., American University.