Unlimited Horizons Presents…

Living Your Divine Purpose

with Medium Intuitive Sharon Renae

Sunday, March 11, 2007
2:30 to 5:30
South Santa Rosa Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL
A donation of $7.00 will be requested at the door.


Sharon Renae will discuss and share insightful information on “Living Your Divine Purpose.”  For many we struggle in our daily lives asking the questions: What is my purpose?  What am I suppose to be doing?  Is this what I am destined to do?

Sharon will help you to understand the answers to those questions.  The information she will share with you will give you the opportunity to look at your life to see and understand what your soul is trying to tell you and how to listen and apply living your divine purpose in order to live a complete and joy-filled life

Sharon Renae works through the spirit of love.  She shares spiritual messages of hope, love, joy and the continuation of the soul through her work.  She serves as a conduit connecting the living with those who have passed over, our dearly departed, validating all life is eternal.  Renae helps individuals who struggle to find peace and purpose within themselves, serving as a guide to provide them with clarity and direction in their life’s journey.

Renae believes in the afterlife.  She sees angels, guides, ghosts and apparitions.  Sharon believes in the extra sensory perceptions that are often forgotten or cast aside.  She believes because her life’s experiences have taken into those realms, and in her world they are real.   


Sharon Renae, an intuitive medium has seen auras, angels and apparitions since childhood.  At the age of 27, she had the profound realization that everyone wasn’t like her, they really couldn’t see, hear, sense or feel what she could.  So she began doing readings.  She feels her unique abilities are a gift to be used for the greater good in service to God and humanity.  That it is her purpose to be of service to the Divine.  Helping others to understand, the Divine Energy is within and without and all things are possible when we connect with the Light of Love and believe with unwavering faith.


In the last seven years Sharon has done over 9,500 readings.  Known as the “barefoot psychic,” her public forums have held over two hundred in attendance.  In these public appearances Sharon helps the living find closure with those who have passed.


 EXCITING NEWS: Sharon recently was informed that in the Spring/Summer of this year, Z 1 Productions will be filming a pilot for a series of an hour-long weekly television program titled “The World According to Sharon.”  The show will be shopped to the national T.V. networks.  Each weekly episode will be a combination type program of “Oprah/Ghost Hunters/John Edward” in that the show will feature:  A spiritual interview, ghost hunting, and messages from the other side. 


Sharon Renae is also an author and a non-denominational minister.  She is owner and editor of The Light, a free monthly magazine, covering holistic health, personal growth and spiritual well-being along the Emerald Coast.  She is the founder of The Light Spiritual Education Center, a multi-denominational metaphysical based church in Pensacola, Florida.  


Her book Angel in the Darkness has been enlightening and enjoyable to readers of all ages.  For many it has resolved the conflict of Heaven and Hell.   


Sharon has been featured in many publications throughout the Florida Panhandle.  A three-part story was featured on her gifts on WEAR, Channel 3 in Pensacola, Florida.  She hosted a four-part television show, Messages from The Light and has been on the Travel Channel, Haunted Lighthouses Across America.  Author, Pamela Brannon published a book about Sharon, “Shhh they’re talking…” Messages from the Other Side.  The book sold over 500 copies within its first 30 days.


For more info on Sharon, log onto:  www.sharonrenae.com.