Experience the Gift of Dolphin Consciousness

with Linda Shay from Sedona, AZ



Sunday, June 10, 2007

2:30 to 5:30

South Santa Rosa Recreational Center

800 Shoreline Dr

Gulf Breeze FL


Linda Shay is the founder of Dolphin Heart World and the Dolphin Healing HeArts school and is the author of the book “From the Sea to Land”.   Her planetary mission is to bring the Gift of the Dolphins ... From Sea to Land.  What is this gift of the dolphins?  It’s their Unconditional Love and Acceptance that creates a sense of complete safety and trust when we are in their presence.  It’s their Frequency of Joy that touches us, inspires us and uplifts us.  It’s their way of living and being, in Unity-Community, that shows us that there is a better way to live our lives upon Planet Earth.   Through Linda, the dolphins are making a profound gift available to humanity.  This gift is one of the planetary keys to support humanity in making the shift away from a life that is based in struggle and fear…to a life that is based in love and joy.   Dolphin Healing HeArts is the vehicle for the dolphins to deliver a new blueprint for humanity…a new spiritual path. 

Join Dolphin Ambassador Linda Shay in an inspiring and uplifting exploration of Dolphin Consciousness, Dolphin Energy Healing, and the crucial role Dolphin is playing in human and planetary evolution.  Linda will share highlights of her 7-year interdimensional journey with the Dolphin Consciousness, and reveal how the outcome of that journey permanently altered her consciousness and profoundly changed her life.

Linda will also share her special gift and facilitate activities and experiences for you to experience the Dolphin Energy directly--for your own healing, transformation and growth. 

Come and get your flippers wet in the sea of Dolphin Consciousness!  

Listen, do you hear the dolphins calling you? 

Dolphin Energy Sessions will take place on Monday & Tuesday, June 11 & 12, in Pensacola.  55 minute individual, personal sessions are available w/Linda Shay.  Contact Pam Burr @ 529-8555 or email: pamelaburr@yahoo.com

Excerpt from Chapter 16 - Encounter #3 - Up Close and Personal

Soon they were directly beneath me, almost touching me. In the instant before contact, they spread out in all directions, and I was in their center. All four dolphins were mere inches from my body. There was a dolphin in front of me, one to either side, and I assume the fourth was behind me. My entire field of vision was filled with dolphin bodies, up close and real personal. In fact, I was amazed that we could be this close to one another and not touch! I so wanted to reach out and touch that skin, but I dared not breach the trust we'd developed.


I felt our energies merge. We were one. I felt a fulfillment inside that was so complete, the thought passed through my mind, I can leave today, after this encounter, and be totally fulfilled. Finally, I had a physical encounter with the dolphins that fed me fully and completely. I was not left yearning for more. The love I felt from them and for them, and the honoring we had for each other, was profound.


About Linda: 
In a magical encounter with a wild Hawaiian spinner dolphin in 1996, Linda became a vehicle for the beautiful healing frequencies of Dolphin to flow through her.  Ever since, Linda has been a pioneer in the field of human-dolphin potentiality.  Over the course of 7 years, Dolphin gave Linda a remarkable gift...the gift of their consciousness.  Linda now travels throughout the U.S. and internationally to share this gift with those pioneering spirits who are open and ready to receive it.