What You Don't Know, or Believe, CAN Hurt You
with Robert M. Stone, M.S.


Sunday, August 12, 2007
2:30 to 5:30

South Santa Rosa Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL
A donation of $7.00 will be requested at the door.


Reincarnation is an ancient concept that has been accepted by many diverse cultures for thousands of years.  In its basic terms, physical life is a classroom in which the spirit or soul incarnates for the purpose of learning Universal Spiritual lessons.  As these lessons are mastered, the soul evolves and finally breaks the cycle of the wheel of physical life returning to the Source of Creation.

Western culture has programmed people to think in limited terms and deprive them of the benefits of past experience.  However, the Subconscious Mind of the individual is constantly working to get this past experience into consciousness because the past affects the present and the future.

Is Reincarnation Important?
Many people think that reincarnation either doesn't exist or isn't important.  However, past life experience affects you just as much as something that happened last week or last year.  It actually has more of an impact because most people don't look that far back.  To give an example:

A number of years ago, Robert was attending a meditation meeting.  He happened to notice a young man whose energy field was playing a scene over and over.  Based on the scene, Robert asked two questions:  1. Are you having trouble with your neck?  Answer: Yes, I've been seeing a chiropractor.  2. What do you think of horses?  Answer: I don't like horses at all!

What was playing in the energy field was this young man, although he looked quite different, riding a horse, the horse is spooked and throws him off.  He breaks his neck in the fall and dies.

Although not all past life emanations are this vivid, there is always something projecting from the energy field.

Does Reincarnation Exist?
Years ago when Robert taught self-hypnosis classes, one of the exercises was subconscious communication with the pendulum.  After everyone had their yes-no codes learned, Robert would have them ask their subconscious if they had lived before.  No matter what the person believed, the answer was always yes.

Another supporting factor:
For years, Robert practiced hypnotherapy.  In the early years, while working to get information about a particular problem, Robert would ask for the person to say the first year that came to mind.  He eventually stopped doing this because there were many times when the year would be outside of the person's age range, e.g. before they were born.  To many people this was confusing and to some upsetting.  The subconscious was trying to show them where their problem originated but for many people, their conscious minds were not willing to accept it.

In this presentation, we will discuss:
1. Reincarnation and why it is something each individual needs to explore.
2. Dr. Bruce Goldberg's book, The Search for Grace, an excellent documented case of reincarnation.
3. Other cases that I have personally dealt with since 1976.
4.  Methods of exploring past lives using Subconscious Communication, Subconscious Programming and Hypnosis.
5. I will show you a simple tool to communicate with the Subconscious and how to use it effectively.
6. I will discuss how past lives are stored as energy and manifest in the individual's aura.
7. Address questions on Reincarnation and techniques to explore past lives.

About Robert M. Stone, M.S.
Robert M. Stone is a Masters level counselor.  He has specialized in Subconscious Communication and Hypnotherapy since 1976.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors from the University of Florida in Gainesville and his Master of Science degree in Counseling from Auburn University.

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