Unlimited Horizons Presents….

Hidden Agendas:
As Revealed By Our Celestial Friends

with Dr. Norma Milanovich and her Power Point Presentation

Sunday, July 9, 2006
2:30 to 5:30
South Santa Rosa Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL
A donation of $7.00 will be requested at the door.

Dynamic and inspirational, Dr. Norma Milanovich has been bringing forth information from Celestial Beings, including the Arcturians, since 1991.  Dr. Milanovich is the co-author of three books:

We, The Arcturians
Sacred Journey to Atlantis
The Light Shall Set You Free

The Ascended Masters state that the book, The Light Shall Set You Free, is destined to transform the world.  Contained within the book are some of the greatest spiritual teachings from the ancient mystery schools, plus instruction on how to apply these teachings to our everyday lives.

Dr. Milanovich’s career in business, government, and education lend a practical sensibility to her presentations that are known for instantly empowering her audiences and taking individuals to new heights of understanding.

Through her clear, visionary communications with Celestial Beings, Dr. Milanovich has enabled thousands to not only hear their profound messages, but to also benefit from the informative wisdom and inspirational visions they share.  She has been invited to speak to members of the United Nations on numerous occasions.  Additionally, Dr. Milanovich has presented the messages in many countries, worldwide, and has led 110 spiritual journeys to nearly every country on Earth.  Each and every engagement, lecture, workshop, and journey has served to make real-time positive changes, not only in the lives of the participants, but, most importantly, for the world and its future history.

Dr. Milanovich comes to speak before Unlimited Horizons with messages from our Celestial and Extraterrestrial Friends with her Power Point Presentation.  Her books will be available for autograph at the July 9 program.

She brings the wisdom of our Celestial and Extraterrestrial allies, and their perspectives, regarding America’s future, as it relates to the world at large.  Come and hear these highly advanced Beings offer a critique on America’s defense corporations, our present stand in the world, and our future options.


Dr. Milanovich is President of the Athena Leadership Center of Scottsdale, Arizona, and it exists to serve people worldwide to achieve their maximum potential through understanding spiritual enlightenment, the connection between body, mind, and Spirit, and that everything is energy (Light).

Athena Leadership Center specializes in individualized personal empowerment, prophesy from the Ascended Masters, Light Ascension, Feng Shui, ground-breaking and innovative wellness solutions, and worldwide sacred journeys and conferences, proven to expand and raise one’s consciousness, which ultimately assists in bringing peace to the world.  They seek to become an international center and clearinghouse for the highest level of truth.


For more information on Dr. Milanovich, browse her website: www.athenalctr.com.