Unlimited Horizons Presents….


The Shift From Outer Technology


Internal Technology

Your Path to Health, Joy & Well Being!

with Alice McCall


Sunday, August 13, 2006
2:30 to 5:30
South Santa Rosa Recreation Center
800 Shoreline Dr.
Gulf Breeze, FL
A donation of $7.00 will be requested at the door.

For decades we have lived the path of external technology where medical solutions have been engineered “out there,” separate from our bodies.  Alice will discuss a second path – the path of utilizing and becoming our internal technology.

This program will include a discussion of the basics of your internal technology, with a focus on how to use it to heal and then, to be.  At the end of this presentation there will be an opportunity for you to experience a connection with your own heart wisdom, a component of your inner solutions toolbox. 

About Alice McCall:

Alice McCall, has a BS in Psychology and MBA.  She is a professional God-based energy healer, light shaman, divine thought minister, and spiritual counselor.  She works with clients to facilitate their own healing and spiritual growth.  Her work covers the entire mind, body, and spirit spectrum.  Alice has helped hundreds of clients to heal health and emotional issues and to grow and develop spiritually.

Alice partners with Archangel Michael and the ascended master, St Germaine in her work which she does individually and in groups.  She is also a professional speaker, workshop leader and retreat facilitator.  She is a regular contributor to the The Light, where her inspirational and educational articles can be found each month.

 For more info on Alice’s practice, browse www.healingpath.info

 “Alice McCall has a powerful connection to Spirit.   She can gently, but effectively guide you on an amazing journey of healing and spiritual evolution.”                           

 M.S., Pensacola, FL